Rebecca R

I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis at a very young age. I was referred to Dr. Wallace by another Los Angeles Celebrity Physician, as the best person to go to in LA for treatment of my skin. I have been to see Dermatologists all over the US (San Francisco, New York, Miami, and LA). NONE have showed me results like Dr. Wallace has. He has the most warm and wonderful bedside manner of any physician I have ever been to see. He contacted my doctors in different cities to be personally updated on my case. He analyzed my history and gave me a number of options of how he could help me – some options no other MD had thought of. He prescribed me personalized skin care that he formulated himself. His amazing staff battled with my horrible insurance company (all on my behalf) to help me get treatments paid for. Now, my psoriasis is the best it has been for the past 20 years. I do not even think about it any more! I LOVE Dr. Paul Wallace and his amazing team. I recommended my younger sister see him for her acne problems. He really helped her (she looks amazing) and now all of my family only sees Dr. Wallace, and his team of Estheticians, for their skin care and dermatologic needs.