Ron L

After a long standing bout with psoriatic arthritis and then plaque psoriasis all past treatments (UVB, methotrexate, etc.) only slightly improved my condition along with side effects and at best kept it at a somewhat manageable, but unsatisfactory level of redness, flaking and irritation. They don’t brand the disease “the heartbreak of psoriasis” for nothing… When first meeting with Dr. Wallace, he seemed very determined to help me and came out of the corner fighting on my behalf! Being very involved and on the cutting edge of psoriasis research, he gave me newly developed topicals to try and eventually got me on an Enbrel regimen. The Enbrel was the best treatment up to this point and actually began to partially clear a lot of my skin. After the financial downturn and my subsequent loss of health insurance, Dr. Wallace recommended me to several new drug trials, as well as the Amgen Enbrel free program. Currently, I’m participating in a blind test for a new and more effective biologic under the auspices of Dr. Wallace’s office and so far, very good results!