Shari, H

I came to Dr. Wallace with what I feel like was the worst skin on earth. I’ve always had acne but something in me went crazy last year (at 32 years old) and my skin was the worst it had ever been. It was a combination of cystic acne, all kinds of other pimples and dark spots from scarring. After taking a look and talking about my history, Dr. Wallace started me on a regiment with some prescriptions and his products (which are amazing!

After treatment, my skin is the best it’s been and I even get compliments on it…which I never have before. I use the Clarity cleanser, sunscreen, pumpkin mask and fade cream (specially formulated since I’m allergic to hydroquinone) and love every one of them. Wallace is really nice and knows what he’s doing. Whitney is his staff and I absolutely adore her. She’s super knowledgeable and you can ask her whatever questions you have. I had my first facial by Dolores this week and it was great! She did something I’ve never had during a facial and that was paraffin hand treatments. Nice touch!