I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis at a very young age. I was referred to Dr. Wallace by another Los Angeles Celebrity Physician, as the best person to go to in LA for treatment of my skin. I have been to see Dermatologists all over the US (San Francisco, New York, Miami, and LA). NONE have showed me results like Dr. Wallace has. He has the most warm and wonderful bedside manner of any physician I have ever been to see. He contacted my doctors in different cities to be personally updated on my case. He analyzed my history and gave me a number of options of how he could help me – some options no other MD had thought of. He prescribed me personalized skin care that he formulated himself. His amazing staff battled with my horrible insurance company (all on my behalf) to help me get treatments paid for. Now, my psoriasis is the best it has been for the past 20 years. I do not even think about it any more! I LOVE Dr. Paul Wallace and his amazing team. I recommended my younger sister see him for her acne problems. He really helped her (she looks amazing) and now all of my family only sees Dr. Wallace, and his team of Estheticians, for their skin care and dermatologic needs.

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Rebecca R

Los Angeles, CA

I came to Dr. Wallace with what I feel like was the worst skin on earth. I’ve always had acne but something in me went crazy last year (at 32 years old) and my skin was the worst it had ever been. It was a combination of cystic acne, all kinds of other pimples and dark spots from scarring. After taking a look and talking about my history, Dr. Wallace started me on a regiment with some prescriptions and his products (which are amazing! After treatment, my skin is the best it’s been and I even get compliments on it…which I never have before. I use the Clarity cleanser, sunscreen, pumpkin mask and fade cream (specially formulated since I’m allergic to hydroquinone) and love every one of them. Wallace is really nice and knows what he’s doing. Whitney is his staff and I absolutely adore her. She’s super knowledgeable and you can ask her whatever questions you have. I had my first facial by Dolores this week and it was great! She did something I’ve never had during a facial and that was paraffin hand treatments. Nice touch!

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Shari, H

Los Angelos

Love this place. I got an amazing experience here. It started with the first phone call the receptionist made me feel very comfortable coming in and told me she would be able to fit me in whenever! That’s awesome because I normally don’t know my schedule until the day of. The doctor and his asst was amazing they where both professional and very passionate.Extremely important when working on someone’s face. The surgery was very fast and done in the office same day. I highly recommend coming here!

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Daniel G.

West Hollywood, CA

After a long standing bout with psoriatic arthritis and then plaque psoriasis all past treatments (UVB, methotrexate, etc.) only slightly improved my condition along with side effects and at best kept it at a somewhat manageable, but unsatisfactory level of redness, flaking and irritation. They don’t brand the disease “the heartbreak of psoriasis” for nothing… When first meeting with Dr. Wallace, he seemed very determined to help me and came out of the corner fighting on my behalf! Being very involved and on the cutting edge of psoriasis research, he gave me newly developed topicals to try and eventually got me on an Enbrel regimen. The Enbrel was the best treatment up to this point and actually began to partially clear a lot of my skin. After the financial downturn and my subsequent loss of health insurance, Dr. Wallace recommended me to several new drug trials, as well as the Amgen Enbrel free program. Currently, I’m participating in a blind test for a new and more effective biologic under the auspices of Dr. Wallace’s office and so far, very good results!

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Ron L

North Hollywood, CA

I highly recommend Dr. Paul Wallace, and his team, to anyone on the West Coast looking for the best Dermatologist possible. I was referred to Dr. Wallace by my older sister, whom he really helped. I work in television, so my skin needs to be flawless. I was having horrible problems with acne breakouts and scarring. My initial consultation with Dr. Wallace was wonderful. I learned so many things about my skin, how dehydrated I had been, and that I had been using all of the wrong skin products for my face and body. I listened to his guidance, used his personalized products, and my results are truly amazing. My skin has never looked so vibrant and healthy – everyone mentions how great my skin looks! I now tell everyone I know that Dr. Wallace is the only Dermatologist you should be seeing in Los Angeles.

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Jacquelyn R

Hollywood, CA